Thursday, April 17, 2008

brush off

tha brushes

there is something about owning a good set of brushes that makes you feel like you take your cosmetics seriously.

my first major brush investment was a foundation brush from lancome, about years ago. it was a much higher price than i wanted to pay, but the salesgirl assured me it would be worth it. she was right.

if you wear liquid foundation, applying it with a brush changes EVERYTHING. the application is more even, the whole process is less messy and a lot faster, and it just plain feels luxurious. i recently have gotten away from liquid foundation, but i'm not sorry i have that marvelous brush.

i soon realized that there were other tools that might improve my routine. some makeup already comes with brushes and applicators, but having your own makes that product your own. you know what the brush will do, and how much color it will put on you. you are in control.

i won't list brands because i plan to upgrade one day, but here are types of brushes that your makeup bag ought to have...

-a big, fat blush or bronzer brush
-a smaller blush brush (for contouring)
-a powder brush (awesome for applying mineral powder foundation!)
-a shadow brush (it wouldn't hurt to have more than one of these)
-an eyeliner brush (for turning shadows into liners and putting on cream liners)
-a stiff-bristled brush (i use mine to blend my eye colors together when i'm done)
-a foundation brush (if you wear liquid foundation)

it's important to keep these clean, since they can collect facial oil and other gunk that can cause breakouts. i wash mine with antibacterial soap and hot water, and then i lay them out on a towel to dry. i don't set them upright while they dry, since the water can drip down and cause the bristles to separate from the handle. some brushes require more gentle care, if you have a pricey brush made out of something like squirrel eyelashes (just kidding, but there are some fancy brushes out there!!)

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