Saturday, April 12, 2008

product test drive....kenzo amour indian holi

i got a sample of Kenzo Amour Indian Holi last week.

it's not what i expected-i thought it would be a heavy, thick, wooded smell. at first sniff, it's all berries and floral. but just when you want a break from it's perkiness, the musk sweeps in and quiets it down. it's feminine and youthful, but manages to have this dark mystery underneath it. but for my taste, not enough mystery. i'd like to see more of the dark side of this fragrance.

it's pleasant enough, but not as interesting as you want it to be.

some say that indian holi didn't last well on them...i found it's staying power to be acceptable. i expect that this one, while an improvement on lots of the new releases out there, won't endure on the shelves too long.

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