Saturday, April 12, 2008

highlighting highlighters

highlighting an area is entirely different than slapping glitter on it, as any true glamourista knows. while the best highlighters have some shimmer or iridescence to them, they are more subtle, while glitter demands to be seen. they come in powder and liquid form, and they are a must-have in any arsenal.

highlighter is the fairy godmother of the cosmetic universe. it sculpts your face and tricks the eye!

it can make you look more beautiful, more awake, more radiant, glowing with that certain "something" that people can't put their finger on. you'd like to attribute it to your days/weeks/months at a health spa and an obscenely healthy diet, but it's really just your highlighter.

so, what do you do with it?

-your browbone (right under the eyebrow)
-the inner corners of your eyes
-your cheekbones (the apples only)
-your cupid's bow (that little indentation above your upper lip)
-the center of your lower lip

celebrities (and other people, i'm sure) use the magic of a good highlighter all over their bodies. in the right hands, it can be used to de-emphasize a large nose, to play up small lips, to give them abs that they don't really have, create sculpted arms, and to make their legs look loooong. makes you wonder what they look like without all that, doesn't it?

it's important to create a balance between your highlighter and everything else on your face, as is the case with all makeup. too much of that certain glow could backfire and turn you into an overdone christmas ornament. girls with oily skin have to be especially careful, since you are already fighting the shine battle.

Here are a couple that i've used:
*Estee Lauder Ideal Light Brush On Illuminator
*Dior Skin Flash Radiance Booster Pen
*Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator

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