Tuesday, April 29, 2008


i have learned a valuable lesson.

yesterday and today were the first time in over a year that i had gone anywhere without any makeup. i had been very diligent about it for two reasons: one, i have too much makeup that needs used and two, i don't ever want to run into anyone and wish i had looked better. even on lazy days, i put on at least a little bit if i'm going to see anyone.

this was moving week for me, and since i was tired and frustrated and everything had to be packed...i neglected my appearance. it won't happen again.

yesterday, the movers were cute. i hoped that my bronze skin and my white teeth might blind them to the fact that i looked like a hot mess, but i was painfully aware that i didn't look so good.

today, i ran into a zillion people i knew. my hair was in disarray, my outfit was in shambles, my hands and toes were a WRECK, and i ate lunch at a place where business-class people go for lunch. they all looked so put together and i looked practically homeless.

i'll work on perfecting this, but here are the few things i wish i would have taken the time to use the past couple of days. i wouldn't have gotten my red-carpet look on, but just a few things could have made a vast improvement on my nearly naked face.

Clinique High Impact Mascara-i got this as a sample and i use it for a more casual look. it makes my lashes a little longer and feathery...not high-impact as the name implies, but a subtle difference.

Bourjois Lip Stain Pen-this would have put some long-staying tint on my lips and made me look less like a zombie.

Cargo Bronzer-on my lids and cheeks, for some added color.

this is where the importance of good skin care comes in. if your skin is behaving, you can go without foundation in a pinch, and bring the attention to other areas, like your eyes or lips.

i also plan to pack a better "emergency" kit for my purse, so that i can be better prepared for public appearances. you just never know who you might run into.....

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