Sunday, April 13, 2008

product test drive.....reluctantly, armani diamonds

i try to stay away from celebrity-endorsed fragrances. more often than not, the chosen celeb doesn't reflect my personal style. it's an ingenius marketing ploy to use celebs, since many people see them as familiar and think that they relate even further if they are doused with britney spear's "fantasy" or hilary duff's "with love".

i have enjoyed lots of armani's fragrances. without a doubt, "mania" is among my favorites's this gorgeous, warm blend of citrus and woods, and there is an element in it that makes me want to wear sweaters and walk in the forest. sensi was fabulous as well....a sultry, mature vanilla that was sweet enough to draw you in, but not so sweet that you felt like a high-schooler. "she" always went too powdery on me, but i had a friend who wore it and it smelled amazing on her. i didn't care much for "code", but i was excited when i heard about the release of "diamonds", until....

beyonce headlined it.

i have no problem with beyonce, she's just not my style. too much bling and extravagant bodaciousness, rhinestone encrusted and frivolous. she wears me out, god bless her. she made me turn up my nose at diamonds from the start, and i was determined not to like it. somehow, putting certain celebrities as the face of a fragrance cheapens it for me. i almost can't get past it.

i got a sample of it, and the sample and i have been exchanging glances from across the room.

"wear me, just once", says the sample.

"nope. i don't like beyonce".

"i have patchouli and cedar wood and vanilla. you like those things."

"i sniffed you. you weren't that great."

"you didn't even give me a chance to dry down!! put me on."

i wore it while i packed up boxes. and i regret to inform you that i don't hate it. the dry down is rather pleasant, and cedar is one of my favorite components of a fragrance. i'm not running out to buy a bottle (the beyonce thing throws me off still), but i may take the sample out for a better test drive this week.

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