Wednesday, April 30, 2008

hair's to a new look

i'm not afraid to do crazy things to my head. the above pic is my hair two years ago, copied from a kate beckinsale look that i liked. i loved how it looked but the bleaching was hard on my naturally curly hair.

i've also dyed my hair strawberry blonde and eggplant. i have bright blue and bright pink clip ins for when i'm feeling especially festive.

the time has come for change, so i've been scrutinizing various celebrity do's to see what i like. at the moment i'm totally dark brown, which is a crowd-pleaser, but i'm ready to do something new.

here are the two finalists whose color i may copy...

i like the dimension of fergie's hair. mine is not that long yet (working on it), but i'm thinking i could leave the bottom part of my hair as it is and do a partial highlight on the top.

or....brace yourself....i also like....

i KNOW this has to be a wig. all of cher's hair is. how come all the cool hairdo's are wigs?? anyway, this is funky and SHINY. i like it! the color is horizontal instead of vertical, and it's different.
i'm sure my stylist will raise her eyebrows if i show her that pic.....

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